Recording with Dxtory – Fixes for Common Issues

    • Dxtory is not showing up in-game

Sometimes Dxtory won’t “lock” on to some applications or games. You should first try restarting Dxtory. If that doesn’t work, restart your game while Dxtory is running.

    • My output video files lag and stutter even though I get great performance in-game.

This is usually a storage issue. Make sure that your hard drive write speed is above 60 mb/sec. Basically what is happening is your storage device can’t write the file fast enough. You can solve this by scaling your output resolution down. If that doesn’t work, use a different codec (I recommend the lagarith lossless codec).

    • Dxtory causes an application to lag.

Dxtory may have compatibility issues with some applications like Microsoft Office products. As a result, you may notice lagging and freezing while using those applications. In Dxtory, select edit profile. Select the application that Dxtory is causing to lag and click ignore. Now Dxtory will not lock on to that application anymore and the lag should subside. You could also close Dxtory while using those applications.

    • Dxtory locks on to some applications that I don’t want it to.

In Dxtory, go to “edit profile” and ignore the applications that you don’t want Dxtory to lock on to.

    • Dxtory creates excessively large output files.

Make sure you are recording at 30 fps and not a higher number. Also, you can scale your resolution down using the scaling option in the movie tab. In the movie tab, make sure that your frame rate is at 30 fps and scale your size to a lower resolution.

    • My video files don’t have audio!

Make sure that “record sound” in the audio settings tab is selected. Also, make sure you have your speakers or headphones added as an audio device.

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