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The Best Dxtory Settings

With version 2.0.142 released mid 2017, Dxtory is still one of the best game recorders for PC. Unfortunately, Dxtory still doesn’t have anything comparable to Shadowplay’s quick capture feature, which allows you to capture 5-25 minute clips that occurred while you weren’t actively recording. However, Dxtory is still considered the best quality recording software for…

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Recording with Dxtory – Fixes for Common Issues

Dxtory is not showing up in-game Sometimes Dxtory won’t “lock” on to some applications or games. You should first try restarting Dxtory. If that doesn’t work, restart your game while Dxtory is running. My output video files lag and stutter even though I get great performance in-game. This is usually a storage issue. Make sure…

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Dxtory Audio Splitter – Record Separate Audio Tracks

Split audio recording is a method you can use to separate audio into different tracks allowing for you to have the option to isolate game sound and remove background audio. This is great if you play with friends and use a VoIP program like Skype or Teamspeak and don’t want their voices in the video.…

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