Record Google Pixel with Open Broadcaster System (OBS)

Recording the Android Google Pixel screen is easy to do with the built-in developer tools and a simple open source tool Scrcpy. Use OBS to record your PC screen while you mirror your phone’s screen.


On your Computer


On your Android Phone

  • Go to settings > About phone


  • Scroll to the Build Number


  • Tab the build number 6 times


  • Go back to settings > System > Developer Options


  • Enable USB Debugging


  • Plug your phone into your computer. Make sure that your computer notifies you that it detected a device was plugged in. If nothing like that happened you likely need to try a different cable.
  • Your phone should show a notification that USB debugging is enabled



  • You will probably get a popup to allow USB debugging after you plug your phone in. Make sure you unlock your phone to make sure you don’t miss this message.


On your Computer

  • Open scrcpy-console


  • Your phone should now be mirrored on your computer screen. You can control it with your mouse or by using the device directly.

  • Use OBS to record your computer screen showing the mirrored device.


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