Top 5 Ways to Record Games on your Iphone/Ipod Touch

Ever had a mobile game or app that you really wanted to record footage of?  Unfortunately, there aren’t many well-known ways on how to do this.  It doesn’t help that neither the App Store or Itunes has a downloadable screen recorder, or that your device doesn’t have a built-in screen recorder.  Unless you are capable of taking about…

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Best Cheap USB Microphones under $25

Recording good quality audio can be achieved without spending too much money on a USB microphone. Obviously you won’t get the same amazing recording quality of a more expensive microphone, but you can still get pretty close! The best method for high-quality voice recording on a budget is to purchase one of the best cheap USB microphones under $25,…

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The Best Free Voice Recording Software

So you finally got a great USB microphone and want to record yourself talking over gameplay. Now you need audio recording software. Most video editing programs like Adobe Premiere and Sony vegas have built-in voice recording software. These are optimal for recording video game commentary because you can easily sync your voice to the gameplay.…

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